Wednesday, July 31, 2013

               FROM MOAS MEMBERS
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1.   Dwelling protection
*     Window protection options
*Cut plywood (spring steel clamps can lock in place) - inexpensive, but heavy, & will not meet Miami-Dade Code
*Installed Hurricane glass windows/accordion shutters/window films/aluminum, steel, or clear Lexan panels. (Some Homeowner’s Assoc. allow them up all hurricane season).
*    Heavy Garage Door built to Hurricane Code or modify older doors to reinforce them (important, so winds don’t get in & lift roof)
*    Heavy front (and other) doors – additional and/or long deadbolts; glass sections reinforced
        *   Patio sliders – Hurricane Panels or hurricane mesh roll-ups.
*    Roofs – Attic tie-downs needed; checked by pro. hurricane  inspection (contact USAA)
        2. Emergency supplies
·      Water, food, medical prescriptions, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, extra cash
·      Children & pet supplies
3.   Emergency equipment (assuming power is lost)
·      Emergency generators? ...adequate gas (with stabilizer additive). Safe location to operate to avoid dangerous exhaust gas. Anti-theft and grounding cables. Tested periodically. Correctly sized extension cables or able to tie to home wiring.
·      Battery or crank-operated emergency radio; Emergency frequencies ………………
·      Emergency lights (LEDs ?); good supply of batteries
·      Portable TV with good antenna; channels available with antenna?
·      Portable air conditioner? (ducting installation needed?)
·      Cell phones charged; emergency phone numbers. Chargers for car.
* Car jumper cables
4.   Emergency Planning
·      Flood Insurance – flood plain location…. See "Flood Ins", left.
All insurance up-to-date
·      Inventory household belongings (perhaps w/digital camera)
·      Important papers and contact info readily available to take  
·      Nearest hurricane shelters … info ……
·      Keep car ready & at least half filled with gas; info on evacuation routes
·      Request insurance company (e.g. USAA) inspection (improvements can lower rates)
·      Insure adequate prescription medications and list of prescriptions
·      Trim palms and other trees; check for missile hazards
5.   Web sites and other hurricane information …
·      Federal Emergency Management (FEMA)/Hurricane prep
* Sarasota County Emergency Services
* Sarasota Disaster Planning Guide
·      "Sarasota Herald 2013 Hurricane Guide"
·      Nat. Wx Service – Hurricane Center
·      Miami-Dade County Hurricane Guide
·      USAA – Be Ready to Go When Disaster Strikes” and "How to get Your Home Hurricane-Ready"